Why Is My Apple Watch Battery Draining So Fast?

After updating to watchOS 6, apple watch users are seeing their batteries draining much faster than normal. Here’s what could be causing the problem and how to fix it.

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Check for watchOS Updates

One of the first things you should do when you notice apple watch battery draining faster than usual is to check for watchOS updates. Apple occasionally releases software updates that improve performance and fix bugs, so it’s worth checking to see if there’s a new watchOS update available.

To check for watchOS updates, open watch app on your iPhone and go to the watch tab Then scroll down and tap Software Update. If an update is available, tap Download and Install.

If apple watch battery is still draining too fast after installing a watchOS update, move on to the next tip.

Check for App Updates

If you find that apple watch battery is draining faster than usual, the first thing you should do is check for any app updates. To do this, open the App Store app on your iPhone and tap the Updates tab at the bottom of the screen. If any of your apps are in need of an update, tap the Update button next to them.

Reduce Motion

On your iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch (tab) > Privacy > Motion & Fitness > turn on Power Saving Mode. This reduces the frequency with apple watch samples motion data, which in turn reduces power consumption.

Use Auto-Brightness

You can save power on your Apple Watch by using auto-brightness. Your Watch will adjust the screen brightness to match the ambient light conditions. To turn on auto-brightness, open the Settings app on your Watch, then go to Brightness & Contrast and toggle Auto-Brightness to the green ‘on’ position.

Minimize Use of Location Services

One of the first things you should do when you notice your Apple Watch’s battery life diminishing is take a look at which apps are using Location Services. Location Services is a huge battery hog on any iOS device, and that goes double for the Apple Watch, which has a much smaller battery to begin with.

On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap Privacy, then Location Services. Scroll down to see which apps are using location services and how often. If you see any apps that you don’t need to be using location services, disable them. On the Apple Watch, open the Settings app, then tap Privacy > Location Services.

You can also disable location services for individual apps on your iPhone; just scroll down to the list of apps under Location Services and select Never for each one that doesn’t need access to your location.

Don’t Overdo It with the Apps

When you first get your Watch, it’s easy to get excited and install every app that sounds remotely interesting. The thing is, every app you add needs to be updated in the background, which means your Watch is working harder than it needs to. If you’re not regularly using an app, it might be time to delete it.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and scroll down to the list of apps. If you see an app that you don’t use often, tap it and then turn off the Show App on Apple Watch toggle switch. The app will still be installed on your Watch, but it won’t run in the background and drain your battery.

Restart Your Apple Watch

A restart is a good first step in solving many minor software issues. When you restart your Apple Watch, it turns off and then back on again. Here’s how:

Press and hold the side button until you see the Power Off slider.
Drag the slider to the right to turn off your watch.
After your watch turns off, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

If restarting doesn’t solve the issue, try force quitting an app.

Reset Your Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch battery is draining quickly, it might be time for a reset. Here’s how to do it:

-Press and hold the side button until you see the power off slider.
-Drag the slider to turn off your Apple Watch.
-After your Apple Watch turns off, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Resetting your Apple Watch can fix a number of software issues, and it might help improve your battery life.

Take Advantage of Power Reserve

One of the features that can help conserve your Apple Watch’s battery life is Power Reserve. Power Reserve Mode essentially shuts down everything on your Watch except for the time, so it can be a useful tool if you’re in a situation where you need to save every last drop of juice.

Get More Battery Life from Third-Party Apps

If you want to get more battery life out of your Apple Watch, it’s important to understand how third-party apps can impact your watch’s battery. While there are a number of factors that can cause battery drain, apps that are poorly coded, use excessive battery power, or don’t properly manage background processes can be a big drain on your watch’s battery.

When choosing apps for your Apple Watch, be sure to check the reviews and ratings to see what other users have said about the app’s impact on their watch’s battery life. Also, take a look at the developer’s website or support forum to see if they have any tips or tricks for getting the most out of their app without draining your watch’s battery.

There are a number of ways to improve the battery life of your Apple Watch, but if you’re noticing a significant drop in performance after installing a new app, it may be time to consider removing it from your watch.

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