Why Does My Apple Music Keep Pausing?

If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you may have noticed that your music randomly pauses or skips from time to time. Here’s why this happens and how to fix it.

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If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you’ve probably noticed that your music occasionally pauses for no apparent reason. This can be annoying, especially if you’re in the middle of a workout or trying to relax to your favorite tunes. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem.

Potential Reasons for the Problem

There are a number of potential reasons why apple music might be pausing. It could be an issue with your network connection, or there might be a problem with apple music app itself. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons for the problem.

Poor Internet Connection

One potential reason why your Apple Music keeps pausing could be due to a poor internet connection. Although Apple Music does not require as much data as streaming video, it still needs a decent connection to work properly.

If you’re using cellular data, try to connect to a Wi-Fi network and see if that improves the situation. If you’re already on Wi-Fi, then might want to try restarting your router or modem. Sometimes, these devices can need a reset in order start working properly again.

If you continue to have issues, then it’s possible that there’s an issue with Apple’s servers. In this case, there’s not much you can do except wait for Apple to fix the problem.

Software Glitch

One potential reason for your Apple Music randomly pausing could be a software glitch. This is especially common if you’ve recently updated your iPhone’s software or installed a new update for the Apple Music app.

To see if this is the case, try force quitting the Apple Music app and then restarting it. You can do this by double-pressing the Home Button to bring up your recent apps, then swiping up on the Apple Music app preview to close it. Once it’s closed, restart the app and see if the problem persists.

If you’re still having trouble, you may need to delete the app and then reinstall it. This will delete all of your saved music and data from the app, so be sure to back everything up first!

Hardware Issue

One of the most common issues that can cause your Apple Music to keep pausing is a hardware problem with your iPhone, iPad, ipod touch If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s likely due to a problem with the physical hardware of your device, and not with Apple Music itself.

There are a few things you can do to try and resolve a hardware issue:

– Restart your device: This can often resolve minor software issues that could be causing your Apple Music to pause.
– Update your software: Making sure you’re running the latest version of iOS can help resolve some software issues that could be causing your problem.
– Check for physical damage: If you see any physical damage on your device, such as a cracked screen or water damage, this could be causing your problem. In this case, you’ll need to get your device repaired by an authorized service provider.

How to Fix the Problem

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you’re trying to enjoy some music from Apple Music is having the music pause unexpectedly. It’s even more frustrating when it happens over and over again. There are a few things that can cause this problem, but don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out how to fix it.

Restart Your Device

If you’re still experiencing issues, try restarting your device. This will close all background apps and give your device a fresh start.

1. Press and hold the sleep/wake button until “Slide to power off” appears.
2. Drag the slider to turn off your device.
3. Once your device has turned off, press and hold the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

Update Your Software

If your Apple Music keeps pausing, one possible reason is that your software is out of date. To check for a software update on your iPhone, open settings app tap general -> Software Update. On your iPad, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. If an update is available, install it and see if that fixes the problem.

Reset Your Network Settings

If you’ve tried all of the above steps and your music is still pausing, it’s time to move on to some more drastic measures. The next thing you should try is resetting your network settings. This will remove all saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords from your iPhone, which can sometimes fix software bugs that might be causing the problem. Here’s how to reset your network settings:

1.Open the Settings app.
2.Tap “General.”
3.Tap “Reset.”
4.Tap “Reset Network Settings.”
5.Enter your passcode if prompted, then tap “Reset Network Settings” again to confirm.
6.Wait for your iPhone to finish resetting, then reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and try playing some music again.

Check Your Hardware

If your Apple Music keeps pausing, it could be an issue with your hardware. Check to see if your headphones or Bluetooth speaker are properly connected. If you’re using an iPhone, make sure that the volume on your phone is turned all the way up.

If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your device’s network settings. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.


There are a few reasons why your Apple Music might be pausing. It could be that you have a slow internet connection, or that there’s an issue with the song you’re trying to play. If you’re having trouble with your Apple Music pausing, try these troubleshooting steps.

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