When to Prune Your Apple Trees

It’s finally spring, which means it’s time start thinking about pruning your apple trees. But when is the best time to prune them? Read on find out!

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Why prune apple trees?

Prune apple trees to remove dead, dying or diseased wood; to promote fruiting; or to train young apple trees. Apple trees need little pruning if left alone to grow naturally into an open “vase” shape. However, if you want more fruit, you will need to do some annual pruning to thin out the apples so that the remaining fruit has room to grow.

When to prune apple trees?

Most deciduous fruit trees, including apples, pears, plums, and cherries, are pruned in late winter while they are dormant. This is the time of year when the pruning tools are readily available and the tree is not putting its energy into fruit production.


In general, you should prune your apple trees in late winter or early spring before the new growth starts. This will help promote strong new growth and prevent the spread of disease.


Summer pruning of apple trees is done to improve the shape of the tree, and to increase air circulation and sunlight penetration into the center of the tree. Summer pruning is best done on young trees, as it is easier to control the shape of young trees. Older apple trees can be summer pruned, but it is more difficult to achieve the desired results.


Apple trees are typically pruned in late winter, before the new growth begins. However, fall is also an ideal time prune apple trees Pruning in fall has a few advantages:

-The tree is already dormant, so pruning won’t stimulate new growth that could be damaged by frost.

-You can more easily see the structure of the tree when the leaves are gone.

-Pruning in fall can help prevent certain diseases, such as fire blight, from infecting the tree.

How to prune apple trees?

Apple trees should be pruned in late winter while they are still dormant. This will ensure the best growth for the following season. Pruning also helps to shape the tree and remove any dead or diseased branches.


The hand pruners that you use for roses and other small shrubs will not be strong enough to cut through the thicker branches of apple tree Instead, you will need to use loppers, which are long-handled pruning shears with blades that open and close like scissors. You may also need a pruning saw to remove branches that are too thick for the loppers.


Dormant pruning is done in late winter while the trees are still sleeping. This is the most common time to prune apple trees. The idea is to remove any dead, diseased or damaged wood, and also to open up the center of the tree to allow in light and air. This will help reduce the chances of problems such as fire blight and promote better fruit production.

To prune apple trees, start by removing any dead, diseased or damaged wood. Then, cut back any crossing or rubbing branches so they’re no longer touching. Next, thin out overcrowded branches to increase air circulation and light penetration. Finally, cut back any remaining branches by 1/3 to encourage new growth.


The best time to prune your apple trees is in late winter or early spring, before the buds start to swell. This allows the cuts to heal quickly and reduces the risk of disease. Summer pruning can be done if necessary, but it is more likely to cause damage to the tree.

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