When is the New Apple TV Coming Out?

Apple has announced the apple tv will be released in October 2015. Get the latest information on the new features, price, and release date here.

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Apple is expected to release a apple tv in 2020. The current model, which was released in 2017, is starting to show its age. It doesn’t support 4K HDR content and it doesn’t have a lot of storage. Rumors suggest that the new Apple TV will be a major upgrade, with a faster processor, more storage, and support for 4K HDR content.

New Apple TV Rumors

Apple is supposedly working on a new Apple TV that could be released as soon as this year. The new TV is said to have a faster processor and support 4K resolution. It is also rumored to have a new remote control that can be used as a game controller.


There have been a lot of rumors about the new Apple TV, and we’ve compiled all of the latest information into one place. Here’s what we know so far about the design, release date, price, and features of the new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV is rumored to have a completely revamped design, with a slimmer body and a more powerful processor. The remote is also rumored to be getting an update, with a built-in microphone and touchpad.

Release date
Apple is expected to announce the new Apple TV at its September event, which is typically held on the first or second Friday of the month. However, it’s possible that the device won’t be available until later in the year.

The new Apple TV is expected to be priced at $149 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model.

The new Apple TV is rumored to include support for 4K HDR video, as well as Dolby Atmos sound. It’s also expected to include a redesigned interface and support for third-party apps.


The new Apple TV is rumored to come with a more powerful A12 processor and a new remote that supports TouchID. It is also said to have an OLED display.

User Interface

Apple is said to be working on a new Apple TV that will feature a completely redesigned user interface. The current Apple TV interface is based on the iOS operating system, but the new Apple TV will reportedly feature a brand new interface that has been designed specifically for the television. It is not yet clear what this new interface will look like, but it is rumored to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate than the current interface.

The new Apple TV is also rumored to include a built-in camera, which would allow users to make video calls using the television. The camera would also be used for facial recognition, which would allow the television to automatically log users into their accounts and customize the user experience based on their preferences.

Another rumor suggests that the new Apple TV will include support for 4K Ultra HD resolution, which would make it one of the most advanced televisions on the market. Currently, there are no 4K Ultra HD televisions available from Apple, so this would be a significant upgrade for potential buyers.

Finally, it is rumored that the new Apple TV will be powered by a brand new processor that is faster and more powerful than any other processor currently available on the market. This would allow the television to offer a smoother and more responsive user experience.

Apps and Games

Apple is also said to be working on a new remote control for the Apple TV that will have a trackpad for easier navigation, as well as a microphone for Siri voice commands. The new remote is also rumored to include physical buttons for gaming. As far as apps and games go, it’s claimed that Apple is working on its own high-profile games for the Apple TV, and that the set-top box will support third-party game controllers.

Price and Availability

The new Apple TV is rumored to be released in late 2020, with a possible price tag of $149 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model. Keep in mind that these are just rumors, and Apple has not yet announced any official release date or price point.


As of right now, there is no solid release date for the new Apple TV. However, many sources say that it is most likely going to come out in September of this year. This is because the last two Apple TV models were released in September (2012 and 2015). So, if you are planning on getting the new Apple TV, it is probably best to wait until September.

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