What Time Does the Apple Store Open?

If you’re wondering what time the Apple Store opens, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the lowdown on store hours so you can plan your visit accordingly.

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Apple Store Locations

The Apple Store is a chain of retail stores owned and operated by Apple Inc. The stores sell apple products including Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, iPod, apple watch as well as select third-party products. The first Apple Store was opened on May 19, 2001, in Tysons Corner, Virginia. As of November 2019, there are 503 Apple stores in 38 countries.

Find an Apple Store

Apple has locations all around the world. Use the store finder find an Apple Store near you. Just enter your city, state, or zip code to see a list of nearby stores. You can also call 1-800-MY-APPLE for help finding a store.

Apple Store Hours

Most Apple Stores are open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM local time, but hours may vary by location. To check the hours at a specific Apple Store, please visit apple.com/retail or call 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Some stores may have special hours for certain events or holidays. For example, many stores will stay open late on the Friday before and the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and they may have different hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. To find out if your store is participating in these extended hours, please call 1-800-MY-APPLE or visit apple.com/retail.

Apple Store Services

The Apple Store provides many services to its customers. Some of these services include genius bar appointments, recycling old devices, trade-ins, online orders, and in-store pickup. The Genius Bar is a great service for people who need help with apple products Customers can make an appointment online or in-store to get help from the Genius Bar.

Apple Store Genius Bar

The Apple Store Genius Bar is a place where customers can get expert technical support and advice from Apple-certified technicians. Genius Bar appointments are free, but you will need to make an appointment in advance.

To make a Genius Bar appointment, you will need to visit the Apple Store website and select the store that you want to visit. Once you have selected a store, you will be able to see the available appointment times. Select the time that works best for you and then complete the checkout process.

Once your appointment is confirmed, you will need to bring your product, proof of purchase, and a valid photo ID to the Genius Bar. Please note that Genius Bar appointments are for technical support only. If you need help with something that is not related to technical support, please visit the Apple Store customer service desk.

Apple Store Workshops and Events

From helpful how-tos to educational workshops, we offer many ways to connect with the products and services you love at the Apple Store. Our retail locations feature The Forum, where you can learn about everything from taking great photos to coding web apps. And every store has Genius Grove, where you can receive complimentary hands-on support with your Apple products.

Apple Store Products

The Apple Store has a wide variety of products that appeal to a wide range of people. Whether you are looking for a new computer, phone, or just some accessories, the Apple Store has what you need. They carry all of the latest and greatest products that Apple has to offer.

Apple Store iPhone

Apple offers the iPhone in several different models, each with a different set of features. You can buy an iPhone at an Apple Store or through one of the company’s authorized resellers.

The current lineup includes the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple also offers the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

Apple Store iPad

Apple Store iPad is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc., which run the iOS mobile operating system. The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010; the most recent iPad models are the iPad Air 2, released on October 22, 2014, and the iPad Mini 3, released on October 16, 2014. The user interface is built around the device’s multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. Other functions can be performed by using the device in different positions. An iOS-based device running iPhone OS 3.2 or later, and equipped with an Armv7 processor (such as Apple A4 or later) is able to run Apple Store iPad applications.

The iPad has Wi-Fi and cellular models; the Wi-Fi model connects to cellular networks via an optional Wi-Fi hotspot connection kit sold by Apple. All models include built-in Bluetooth 2.1+EDR technology for connecting to keyboards, headphones and other compatible devices.

Apple Store Mac

Apple Store Mac is a line of computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. It currently consists of four desktop models, the all-in-one iMac, the entry-level Mac mini, the high performance Mac Pro, and the portable MacBook Pro.

Apple Store Accessories

There are a variety of accessories available for purchase at the Apple Store. Some of the most popular items include the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. There are also a variety of other accessories such as cases, chargers, and headphones.

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