What Do Stars Mean on Apple Music?

If you’re apple music subscriber, you’ve probably noticed the little stars next to some of the songs in your library. But what do they mean?

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Users apple music may have noticed that some songs and albums have stars next to them. These stars indicate the song or album’s popularity apple music The number of stars reflects how popular the song or album is overall, with more stars indicating a higher level of popularity.

How to Use Stars on Apple Music

Apple Music uses a star system to help you rate songs, albums, and artists you’ve listened to. When you rate something with stars, it’s added to your “My Music” collection. You can use stars to create custom playlists and share your ratings with friends. Here’s how to use stars on Apple Music.

How to Rate Songs

To rate a song, open Apple Music find the song you want to rate. Then, do one of the following:

-To rate the song on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, tap the star rating at the top of the screen. A half-star rating is also available.
-To add or remove a song from your Library, tap , then tap LIBRARY.
-To Love or Like a song, tap , then tap LOVE or LIKE.

How to See Your Star Ratings

To see your star ratings in the Music app, open the “For You” tab and scroll down to the “Star Ratings” section. If you don’t see this section, it means you don’t have any songs with a star rating.

To rate a song, find it in your music library and tap the three dots next to the song title. From there, you can tap “Rate Song” and choose between one and five stars.

When you rate a song, it doesn’t automatically play next. However, if you have Automatic Downloads turned on for Apple Music in Settings -> Music, newly rated songs will download to your device so you can access them offline.

What Do the Stars Mean?

If you’ve looked at your Apple Music library, you may have noticed that some songs have stars next to them. What do these stars mean?

The stars indicate the song’s popularity on Apple Music. The more stars a song has, the more popular it is. This is a helpful way to quickly find popular songs that you may want to listen to.

To view only songs with stars, go to your Library and tap the “star” button at the top. This will filter your library so that only songs with stars are shown.

If you want to add a star to a song, go to the song’s page and tap the “star” button. This will add a star to the song and indicate that you like it.


In conclusion, the stars on Apple Music indicate the overall popularity of a song. The more stars a song has, the more popular it is.

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