How to Wear Apple Earbuds

How to Wear Apple Earbuds – Learn the proper way to wear your Apple earbuds so you can get the most out of them.

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Apple earbuds are designed to be comfortable and secure, with a snug fit that doesn’t fall out easily. But if you’re not used to wearing them, they can feel a bit awkward at first. Here’s how to wear Apple earbuds so they stay in place and feel comfortable all day long.

What You Need

In order to wear Apple earbuds, you will need the following items:
-Apple earbuds
-A compatible Apple device
-An internet connection (if using Siri or another voice assistant feature)

Once you have gathered the required items, you can follow the steps below to put on your Apple earbuds.

Step One: Wearing the Earbuds

First, hold the earbud by the stem and gently insert it into your ear. might need to push up on your tragus — the outer flap of cartilage in front of your ear canal — to get a good seal. Then, twist the earbud until it’s facing the right way and is flush with your ear. The speaker should be pointing toward the opening of your ear, and the tip should fit snugly inside your canal.

Step Two: Adjusting the Earbuds

Now that you have your earbuds in, it’s time to make sure they’re sitting snugly and comfortably in your ears. To do this, simply twist the earbuds until they fit snugly in your ear – you shouldn’t have to force them, and they shouldn’t be loose.

Once you’ve got a comfortable fit, it’s time to adjust the volume. If you need to increase the volume, simply twist the control knob on the right earbud clockwise. To decrease the volume, twist the control knob counterclockwise. You can also use the control knob to play/pause your music, answer/end phone calls, and skip tracks forward and backward.

Step Three: Taking the Earbuds Out

Now that you know how to put your Apple earbuds in, it’s time to learn how to take them out. This is especially important if you plan on using them for extended periods of time, as you don’t want to leave them in your ears for too long.

To take your earbuds out, simply grab each bud with your thumb and index finger and gently pull them out of your ear. If they’re stuck, you can try wiggling them a bit or tilting your head to the side. Once they’re out, hold on to the cord so they don’t fall and become lost.


Based on our research, we conclude that best way to wear Apple earbuds is with the cord wrapped around the back of your head. This method is comfortable and secure, and it keeps the cord from getting in the way. It also keeps the earbuds from falling out, which is a common problem with other methods. If you have trouble keeping the cord in place, you can try using a hair tie or a clip.

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