How to Use Your Apple Pencil on Your iPad

If you’ve got apple pencil and an iPad, you might be wondering how to use the Pencil to its full potential. Here are some tips and tricks!

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Apple Pencil is a great way to take notes, draw, or just play around on your iPad. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started using your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

Pairing Your Apple Pencil
The first thing you need to do is pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad. To do this, make sure your iPad and Apple Pencil are turned on and close to each other. Then open settings app on your iPad and tap “Bluetooth.” You should see “Apple Pencil” listed under Other Devices; tap it to pair it with your iPad.

Charging Your Apple Pencil
Next, you’ll want to charge your Apple Pencil. To do this, simply plug the Lightning end of the Apple Pencil into the Lightning port on your iPad. The pencil start charging immediately; when it’s done charging, the status light on the pencil will turn green.

Using Your Apple Pencil
Once your Apple Pencil is paired and charged, you’re ready to start using it! Just open any app that supports the use of a stylus, such as Notes or Procreate, and start drawing or taking notes. The tips of most apps will automatically adjust their width based on how hard you press down with the pencil, so you can create thin or thick lines as needed. And that’s all there is to it!

What is an Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is a special stylus designed specifically for use with the iPad. It offers pressure-sensitive drawing and handwriting, as well as support for tilt and angle detection. The Apple Pencil is rechargeable and easily pair visits with your iPad.

How to Use an Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a great way to take notes, draw, or even play games on your iPad. Here’s a few tips on how to get the most out of your Apple Pencil.

Connecting the Apple Pencil to your iPad

Before you can use your Apple Pencil, you need to connect it to your iPad. Make sure that your iPad and Apple Pencil are close to each other and that your iPad is awake.

To see if your Apple Pencil needs to be charged, check the widget on your iPad’s Lock screen.swipe down from the top of the screen. If you see , it means that your Apple Pencil has enough charge to use for a while. If you see , charge your Apple Pencil for fifteen minutes before using it again.

Connecting the Apple Pencil to your iPad is easy and only takes a few seconds. Here’s how:

1. Attach the small end of the Apple Pencil directly onto the Lightning connector on your iPad. You might see a warning that says “Accessory Not Supported.” This message appears when you try to connect an unsupported accessory to your iPad, but you can safely ignore it and continue using your Apple Pencil.

2. Once the Apple Pencil is firmly attached, a popup will appear on your iPad asking if you want to Pair or Use Without Pairing. Choose Pair if you want to connect the Apple Pencil so that it can be used with other apps on your iPad, or choose Use Without Pairing if you want to use it solely with the Notes app.

3. If you choose Pair, another popup will appear asking if you want to Trust This Computer? Tap Trust to continue, and then enter your passcode when prompted so that the pairing process can be completed.

Using the Apple Pencil with apps

The Apple Pencil is pressure sensitive, so you can vary the line weight and opacity in supported apps just by changing how hard you press on the screen. When you rest your hand on the screen while you use the Apple Pencil, iPad automatically ignores it, so you don’t have to worry about putting down a piece of paper or accidental marks when you rest your palm while drawing.

The Apple Pencil is also tilt sensitive. You can use this feature in some apps to create shading effects by tilting the pencil while you draw. The amount of effect depends on how far you tilt the pencil and which app you’re using.


With iPadOS 14 and later, you can use Apple Pencil Sign documents, fill out forms, mark up contracts, and more. Here’s how:

Open the document that you want to sign.
Tap , then tap Markup.
Tap the tool that you want to use, then draw or write with Apple Pencil.
When you finish, tap Done.

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