How to Turn Off Your TV With the Apple TV Remote

If you have apple tv and you’re sick of using the clunky remote that comes with it, you’re in luck! You can actually control your TV with apple tv remote Here’s how.

Checkout this video:

Open settings app

settings app is where you’ll find all of the options for apple tv To open it, click on the Settings icon on your home screen.

In settings app click on the Remote Control menu.

In the Remote Control menu, you’ll see a switch at the top that says “Turn Off TV.” Toggle this switch to the ON position.

Now, whenever you press and hold the Menu button on apple tv remote your TV will turn off.

Scroll down and select the “Remotes and Devices” option.

The next step is to scroll down and select the “Remotes and Devices” option. Doing so will open a new menu with several different options. One of these options is “Accessibility.” Select it.

Select the “Remote” option.

In order to turn off your TV with the Apple TV remote, you will need to select the “Remote” option. To do this, simply open the Apple TV menu and scroll down to the “Settings” section. Next, select the “Remote” option and then choose the “Turn Off TV” option.

Select the “Off” option.

Assuming you have your Apple TV remote in-hand and are pointing it at your TV, do the following to turn your television off:

1. Press and hold the “Menu” button for about 5 seconds.
2. A menu should appear on your screen with various options.
3. Using the direction pad on your remote, navigate to the “Off” option and select it.
4. Your TV should turn off shortly thereafter.

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