How to Turn Off Green Lights on Apple Watch

If you’re not a fan of the green lights on apple watch here’s how you can turn them off.

Checkout this video:

Open settings app on your iPhone.

Tap the watch face icon to open the watch tab if it’s not already open. Tap Brightness & Text Size. Turn off the switch next to Raise to Wake.

Tap “General.”

To turn off the time and other information that displays on apple watch face, tap “General” in watch app From there, you can turn off wrist detections so that your watch face doesn’t light up when you raise your wrist, and you can also choose to haptic feedback when you receive notifications.

Tap “Accessibility.”

1. Tap “Accessibility.”
2. Toggle off “LED Flash for Alerts.”

Tap “Display Accommodations.”

In the “Display Accommodations” tab, you’find a switch to turn off the green light filter. If you have other color filters turned on, you may see multiple switches here.

Tap “Color Filters.”

Tap “Color Filters.” You’ll find this option about halfway down the Accessibility page. Doing so prompts a pop-up window.

This feature is what you use to invert colors on your screen, set grayscale, or choose from a limited selection of color filters designed to aid those with color blindness or other vision impairments.

Tap “Off.”

Tap “Off.” You will see the green light turn off on your watch face.

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