How to Tell If an Apple Is Bad

Learn how to tell if an apple is bad by following these simple steps. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh apples all year round!

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Inspect the apple for any visible signs of decay.

Bad apples will have visible signs of decay, such as brown or soft spots, insect damage, or mold. If the bad apple is isolated, then you can cut away the bad parts and still enjoy the rest of the fruit. However, if there is significant decay, then it is best to discard the entire apple.

In addition to visible signs of decay, bad apples may also emit a foul odor. If an apple smells rancid or sour, then it has likely gone bad. Likewise, if an apple tastes sour or off, then it is best to discard it.

Check for bruises by gently pressing on the skin of the apple.

If you see any brown spots or mushy areas, the apple is starting to go bad.
Sign that an apple is going bad is dull skin.
You should also smell the apple before you decide to eat it or cook with it.
If it smells off or like vinegar, then it has gone bad.

Smell the apple to see if it has developed an off odor.

Bad apples will have an off odor that is similar to the smell of vinegar. You may notice this scent before you see any visible signs of spoilage.

Cut the apple in half with a sharp knife to see if it has brown or black discoloration inside the flesh. Brown or black spots on the inside of an apple indicate that it is beginning to rot.

Check for mold growth on the surface of the apple. Mold appears as fuzzy white, blue, green or black patches and can spread quickly if not removed.

Squeeze the apple gently with your fingers to see if it is starting to soften. Apples that are beginning to spoil will often feel mushy when lightly squeezed.

Cut open the apple to check for browning or other signs of decay inside.

One way to tell if an apple is bad is to cut it open and check for browning. Browning is a sign of decay, and if the apple has started to decay, it will likely be bad. Other signs of decay include mold, soft spots, and bruises. If the apple looks fine on the outside but has any of these signs on the inside, it should be thrown away.

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