How to Stop Apple Music from Automatically Playing

If you’re not a fan apple music automatically playing songs on your iPhone, here’s how to stop it from happening.

Checkout this video:

Open the Music app

The first thing you should do is open the Music app and go to the For You section. If you see music playing here, it means apple music is set to automatically play music. To stop it, just tap on thePause button.

Go to “For You”

Open apple music app and go to the “For You” section. Here, you will see all of the music that has been selected for you by the algorithm. To turn off automatic playing, scroll to the bottom of this page find the “Autoplay” setting. toggle this setting off.

Scroll to the bottom and select “See All”

At the bottom of the list, select “See All.” You’ll be taken to a new screen with all of apple music options.

Turn off “Autoplay”

Apple Music’s “Autoplay” feature is great if you want the music to keep playing after you finish listening to a song, album, or playlist. But if you’d rather the music stop when you’re done, it’s easy to turn off Autoplay in apple music app

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