How to Set Up Your New Apple Watch Series 3

Follow these quick and easy steps to get your apple watch Series 3 up and running. You’ll be wrist-deep in all the features and apps in no time!

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If you just got a apple watch Series 3, congratulations! You are now the proud owner of one of the best smartwatches on the market. In this article, we will show you how to set up your new Apple Watch and get started with using it.

Before you begin, make sure that you have the following:
-An iPhone that is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3
-The Apple Watch Series 3 itself
-The Apple Watch charger

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started!

What’s in the box

When you open the box, you should find your Watch, a Magnetic Charging Cable, and a 5W USB Power Adapter. If you ordered a cellular model, you should also see a SIM card.

Setting up your new Apple Watch

After you open the box and take out your new Apple Watch, you’ll want to get it set up so you start using it. This process is relatively simple and only takes a few minutes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up your new Apple Watch Series 3.

Installing the SIM card

Your Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) comes with a nano-SIM card. If you’re unsure which type of Apple Watch you have, find out.

Before you begin, make sure that you have an active cellular plan with a supported carrier. You might need to adjust or cancel your plan to add cellular service. Not all carriers support eSIM.
Installing the SIM card is easy and only takes a few steps:
1.Eject the SIM tray from your Apple Watch using the SIM tool that came in the box with your watch, or a paperclip. If you don’t have your SIM tool, contact your carrier.
2.Carefully remove the old SIM card from the tray and dispose of it properly.
3.Insert the new SIM card into the tray — it will fit only one way, because of the notch at one end
4.Push in the tray until it’s seated flush against your watch Case, then push the release button to snap it closed

Pairing your new Apple Watch with your iPhone

To get started with your new Apple Watch, you’ll need to pair it with your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 11 or later, and that it’s within range of your Apple Watch. Then follow these steps:

1. Open the watch app on your iPhone.
2.tap start pairing
3. Hold your Apple Watch close to your iPhone. A message should appear on your iPhone asking you to enter a four-digit code that appears on your Apple Watch.
4. Enter the code, then tap Pair on your iPhone.
5. If prompted, choose to Set Up as New or Restore from Backup, then follow the remaining steps on your iPhone.

Configuring your new Apple Watch

To set up your new Apple Watch, you’ll need to have your iPhone with you. Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 11 or later, and that you have icloud account and Wi-Fi connection. Once you have all of that, you’re ready to get started.

Setting up watch faces

After you finish the initial setup process for your new Apple Watch, you can start customizing it to better suit your needs. One of the first things might want to do is set up watch faces.

Watch faces are the main interface on the Apple Watch, and allow you to quickly see key information with a glance at your wrist. By default, the watch faces that come pre-installed on the Apple Watch are rather simplistic; however, Apple offers a wide variety of both first and third-party watch faces that you can install.

There are two ways to install new watch faces on your Apple Watch. The first is by using the Watch app on your iPhone; the second is by installing them directly on your Apple Watch.

Customizing notifications

You can decide which notifications you want to see on your Apple Watch. To do this, go to the Watch app on your iPhone, tap Notifications, then turn on or off the apps that you want to receive notifications from.

You can also customize the way notifications are delivered. For example, you can have them appear as alerts (which appear briefly at the top of your watch face), or as banners (which appear when you raise your wrist). To change this, go to the Watch app on your iPhone, tap Notifications, then tap Notification Indicator.

If you don’t want to be bothered by any notifications at all, you can turn Do Not Disturb mode on. For more information, see Use Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch.

Installing apps

To install apps, you must first download them from the App Store. Once an app is downloaded, it will appear on your Apple Watch’s Home screen. To do this, simply tap and hold the app’s icon until it begins to wiggle, then drag it to the desired location. If you want to uninstall an app, press and hold its icon until it begins to wiggle, then tap the “x” that appears.


If you’ve followed all the steps in this guide, you should now have a fully functioning Apple Watch Series 3. Congratulations! Whether you’re using it for fitness, communication, or just to keep track of your daily tasks, your new watch should prove to be a valuable addition to your life. Thanks for reading and enjoy your new Apple Watch Series 3!

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