How to See the Top Artists on Apple Music

Wondering how to see top artists on Apple Music? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to finding new music to enjoy.

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Go to the Browse tab

The Browse tab is where you can see all the different ways find and explore new music apple music To see the top artists, scroll down to the ” artists” section and tap “See All.” Here, you’ll find the top 100 artists of the moment, as well as a list of genres with subcategories so you can further refine your search.

Scroll down to the “Top Charts” section

Tap “Browse” at the bottom of the screen. This will open the main Browse section.

Scroll down to the “Top Charts” section. Here, you will see the top songs and albums in the United States, as well as the top songs and albums globally.

You can tap on any of these charts to see more information about the artists and songs that are currently popular.

Select “All Categories”

From the Browse tab, select “All Categories,” then scroll down and select “music.” In the music section, you will see a variety of different options to choose from. Select “Apple Music Charts” to see the top songs and albums apple music

Select the “Music” category

Open apple music app and sign in with apple id From the “For You” section, tap the Browse tab.

Tap Categories, then tap an option:
-New Music
-Top Charts
-Genres & Moods
-Release Year
Connect with friends and family under Favourites or playlists that they’ve shared.

Select the “Top Artists” subcategory

After you open apple music app and sign in, select Browse at the bottom of the screen. In the Browse section, select Search. When the search screen appears, type in “Top Artists” and select the subcategory that appears below the search field. Now you’ll see a variety of ways to view different artists.

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