How to See Your Steps on Apple Watch

If you’re looking for a way to check your step count on apple watch this guide will show you how.

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Open the Activity app on your ‌iPhone‌.

Open the Activity app on your ‌iPhone‌.
From the watch tab tap the Sharing tab.
Tap the contact that you want to share your activity with.
If you don’t see a contact, tap Add Contact.
Turn on Show on Watch, then tap Send.

Tap the Today tab.

In the Today tab, scroll down find the section header “Move.” If you have a cellular model, might need to scroll all the way down.

Tap on the “Move” section header. Doing so will open a screen that displays your step count for the day as well as how many steps you need to take to meet your goal.

If you want, you can tap on the “All-Day History” button to see your step counts for previous days.

Scroll down to the Move graph.

On your iPhone, open the Health app.
Tap the Browse tab, then tap an item.
Scroll down to the Move graph.

The Move graph shows how many steps you’ve taken in the last 24 hours. If you have apple watch the graph also shows your step goal for the day.

Tap the graph to expand it.

The Health app on your iPhone stores all the data it collects about your step count in a graph. By default, the graph will only show data from the current day. If you want to see your step count for past days, you need to expand the graph.

Here’s how:

1.Open the Health app on your iPhone.
2.Tap the “Graphs” tab at the bottom of the screen.
3.Tap the graph that you want to expand.
4.Tap the “Expand” button in the top-right corner of the screen.
5.You can now scroll through your step count data for past days, weeks, months, or years.

Scroll down to the Steps section.

To see your steps, scroll down to the Steps section. Here, you’ll see your total steps for the current day, as well as your average steps over the past 7 days.

You can also tap on the graph to see more detailed information about your steps. For example, you can see how many steps you took in each hour, or how your step count has changed over time.

Tap See All to view your step history for the day.

Viewing your step history is a great way to motivate yourself to stay active, and it’s easy to do on apple watch Just follow these steps:

1. On your iPhone, open the Health app and tap the Summary tab.
2. Scroll down and tap Steps under Movement.
3. Tap See All to view your step history for the day.

4. To see more days, tap History at the bottom of the screen, then select a time period.

You can also add a steps widget to your Today view:

1. On your iPhone, touch and hold the Home button, then swipe right over the Today view or Lock screen.
2. Scroll down and tap Edit, then do one of the following:
– To add a widget, tap , then select Steps from the list of widgets.
– To remove a widget, tap next to Steps, then tap Delete. To rearrange widgets, touch and hold next to Steps, then drag it to where you want it to go in the list of widgets.;

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