How to Say “Apple” in Spanish

Do you want to know how to say “apple” in Spanish? Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to say this fruit in Spanish.

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Apple in Spanish is manzana. Below are some example sentences using manzana:

-I have an apple. -> Tengo una manzana.
-Can I have an apple, please? -> ¿Puedo tener una manzana, por favor?
-We need to buy apples. -> Tenemos que comprar manzanas.

The word “apple” in Spanish

The word “apple” in Spanish is “manzana”.

Other ways to say “apple” in Spanish

There are many ways to say “apple” in Spanish, depending on the region or country you are in. Here are some of the most common:

– manzana
– poma
– maçã
– Яблоко (Yablochnoe) – this is how you would say “apple” in Russian
– æble – this is how you would say “apple” in Danish
– تُفَاحة (Tufahdah) – this is how you would say “apple” in Arabic


Now that you know how to say “apple” in Spanish, you can use this word in many different situations. You can use it when talking about fruit, picking apples, or even when eating an apple. Remember to practice using this word so that you can become more confident using it in conversations.

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