How to Right Click with an Apple Mouse

If you have an Apple mouse, you may be wondering how to right click. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

Checkout this video:

Open System Preferences

Open System Preferences and click on the Mouse icon. You’ll see a slider labeled “Tracking speed.” The further to the right you move the slider, the faster your mouse will move. If you want to change the direction in which your mouse moves as you move it across your desk, slide the “Tracking speed” slider to the left.

Click on the “Mouse” icon

Click on the “Mouse” icon.

In the “Mouse” section of System Preferences, make sure that the “Secondary click” checkbox is selected.

You can also adjust how fast you have to double-click, as well as the tracking speed (how fast the pointer moves across the screen) and Double-Click Speed (how fast you have to click to trigger a double-click).

Click on the “Point & Click” tab

If you have an Apple mouse, you can right-click by clicking on the “Point & Click” tab in the System Preferences. Then, click on the “Secondary click” checkbox. You can also use the “Twofinger tap” gesture to right-click.

Check the “Secondary click” box

If your Apple mouse has a secondary click (right-click) button, you can use it to right-click. To do this, open System Preferences and click on the “Mouse” icon. Then, check the “Secondary click” box.

Close System Preferences

Start by clicking on the System Preferences icon in the dock. If you don’t see System Preferences in the dock, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your screen, then click on System Preferences.

In the System Preferences window,find and click on the Mouse icon.

On the Mouse settings screen, make sure that the Secondary click checkbox is selected. This will enable right-clicking with your Apple mouse.

You can also enable right-clicking by going to the Trackpad settings screen and selecting the Secondary click checkbox.

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