How to Reset Your Apple TV

Learn how to reset your fourth-generation or apple tv

Checkout this video:

Open settings app on apple tv

Open settings app on your Apple TV. Scroll to System and select it. Select Restart from the System menu. Confirm that you want to restart your Apple TV by selecting Restart.

Scroll to and select System.

1. On your Apple TV 4K apple tv hd go to Settings > System.
2. Select Restart.
3. If you can’t restart your Apple TV, unplug your Apple TV from power, then plug it back in. Wait 5 seconds, then hold down the Menu and Volume Up buttons until you see the light flash on your Apple TV.
4. might need to enter your password when prompted.

Scroll to and select Reset.

If your Apple TV is experiencing any issues, you may want to reset it. Doing so will wipe all data from your device and restore it to its default settings. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open settings app on your Apple TV.
2. Scroll to and select System.
3. Select Restart.
4. If that doesn’t work, scroll to and select Reset.
5. Select Restore, then Restore and Update.

Select Restore.

Open Settings on your Apple TV.

Select System > Reset > Restore.

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