How to Put a Song on Repeat on Apple Music

If you’re apple music subscriber, you can easily put any song on repeat. Here’s how to do it.

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Open the Music app.

Open the Music app.find the song that you want to put on repeat and tap it to open the song information screen. On the song information screen, tap the shuffle button . The shuffle button is located in the upper-left corner of the screen, to the left of the playback controls. A white circle with arrows inside of it will appear inside of a solid white circle when shuffle is turned on; tapping the button again will turn off shuffle.

Find the song you want to repeat.

On your iPhone, iPad, ipod touch open the Music app. Find the song that you want to repeat. To find music from apple music catalog, tap Search at the bottom of the screen. Or go to Albums or Songs and browse music by artist, album, or genre.

When you find something that you want to play, tap it.

Tap the More button (looks like •••) to the right of the song.

In the pop-up window, tap Repeat. You can also put an album or playlist on repeat. Just find the album or playlist in your Library, then tap the More button > Repeat.

Select Add to Up Next.

If you want to hear a song again right away, you can add it to Up Next. Just find the song, then tap or click the More button > Add to Up Next. You can also add songs to Up Next while they’re playing. Go to the Now Playing screen, then tap or click the More button > Add to Up Next.

Tap the Up Next button (looks like a clock) in the Now Playing screen.

In the Now Playing screen, above the song’s waveform, you should see the Up Next icon: three concentric circles with a triangle in the center, which indicates the current playback queue.

Tap that button to open the Up Next screen. In Up Next, you can view and rearrange the songs that will play after the current song. To make a song repeat apple music find the song you want to repeat in Up Next and tap on the three dots next to it. From the menu that appears, select Repeat.

Tap the Repeat button (it looks like two arrows making a loop).

When you find a song, album, or playlist you want to listen to, tap the Repeat button (it looks like two arrows making a loop).

You can also repeat an individual song:
-Open Music and find the song that you want to repeat.
-Tap the song once to open Now Playing.
-Tap the Repeat button .

If you have questions about anything else regarding Apple Music, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Select Repeat One.

Open the Music app start playing a song.

Tap the song’s album artwork to open Now Playing.

Tap . It’s in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Select Repeat One.

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