How to Pair Your Apple Pencil 2 With Your iPad

If you’ve recently purchased apple pencil 2 you may be wondering how to pair it with your iPad. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to get apple pencil 2 up and running with your iPad.

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Open settings app on your iPad.

Tap settings app icon, which resembles a set of gears on a light-gray background. Doing so opens the Settings page.

Scroll down and tap Bluetooth. This option is near the top of the Settings page. A list of paired and available devices will appear on this page.

Tap the name of your Apple Pencil 2. It should be listed on this page under “Other Devices.” If it’s not listed here, make sure that your Apple Pencil 2 is turned on and within range of your iPad.

Tap Pair when prompted. This button is in the lower-right side of the screen; doing so will pair your Apple Pencil 2 with your iPad.

Tap Bluetooth.

1.On your iPad, open settings app then tap Bluetooth.
2. Place your Apple Pencil on the charging dock and make sure that there’s plenty of charge.
3. When asked, tap Continue on your iPad, then wait for the Apple Pencil to pair with your iPad.

Tap the button next to your Apple Pencil 2 to pair it with your iPad.

To connect your Apple Pencil 2 with your iPad, tap the button next to your Apple Pencil 2 on your iPad’s screen. You may need to enter a passcode if prompted.

Once it’s paired, you start using your Apple Pencil 2.

If you’ve recently purchased the new Apple Pencil 2, you’re probably wondering how to get started using it with your iPad. Here’s a quick guide on how to pair your new Apple Pencil 2 with your iPad so you can start taking advantage of all its features.

1. Start by making sure that your iPad is turned on and that Bluetooth is enabled.
2. Then, remove the cap from the Apple Pencil 2 and unscrew the aluminum cap to reveal the Lightning connector.
3. Plug the Lightning connector into the Lightning port on your iPad and wait for a few seconds for the pairing process to begin.
4. Once apple pencil 2 appears in the list of devices on your iPad, tap on it to finish pairing it with your device.
5. That’s it! You’re now ready to start using your Apple Pencil 2 with your iPad.

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