How to Know Which Apple Watch You Have

Trying to identify apple watch you have? Here’s a quick guide on how to know apple watch you have.

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There are now apple watch models on the market: the Series 3, Series 4, and the new Series 5. While the design of all three models is very similar, there are some subtle differences that can help you tell them apart. In this article, we’ll show you how to identify apple watch model you have.

different types of Apple Watches

There are 3 types of Apple Watches: the Series 3, the Series 4, and the Series 5. The Series 3 is the least expensive and the Series 5 is the most expensive. The Series 4 is the newest model. The Series 3 and the Series 4 are very similar, but the Series 5 has some new features, like an always-on display.

Series 0

The Series 0 was only available in 38mm and 42mm case sizes. It has the smaller first-generation S1 chip and Force Touch wasn’t an option. Nike+ was an exclusive series for the watch, with its own Watch face, but unlike the Series 2 (and onwards) it wasn’t a separate piece of hardware — it was just a software tweak. similarly, Hermés had its own special edition version, but again this was software only.

Series 1

If your Apple Watch has a red dot on the Digital Crown, it’s a Series 1. These were the first Apple Watches available to the public and were released on September 16, 2016. The 38mm version has a 272×340 display and the 42mm version has a 312×390 display.
All of the original Apple Watch features are present in the Series 1, including heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, mobile payments, Siri support, and more. The only notable omission is built-in GPS; to track your runs and other outdoor activities, you’ll need to carry your iPhone with you.

Series 2

The second-generation Apple Watch, released in 2016, is really just an upgrade of the original. It has the same general design, but it’s slightly thinner and lighter. It also has a built-in GPS (a big deal for runners and others who want to track their activity without carrying their phone), a brighter display, and is waterproof up to 50 meters.

Series 3

The Series 3 is the third-generation model of the Apple Watch. It was released on September 22, 2017. This model has a rectangular body and is available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. It has LTE connectivity, meaning you can use it without your iPhone nearby as long as you have an LTE plan. The Series 3 also has a barometric altimeter and an enhanced heart rate sensor.

How to identify your Apple Watch

There are many different versions of the Apple Watch, and it can be difficult to keep track of which one you have. With so many different features and styles, it’s easy to get confused. In this article, we’ll show you how to identify your Apple Watch. We’ll go over the different model numbers, sizes, and finishes.

Look at the model number

To find the model number, look on the back of your watch. For cellular models, you’ll also find the IMEI. If you don’t see a model number, tap Settings > General > About, then scroll to the Model field.

The fourth letter defines the size:

– S1 38mm case
– S2 42mm case
– S3 38mm case
– S4 44mm case

The fifth and sixth letters define the material:

– Aluminium ( sport band )
– Stainless steel ( sport loop, metal link bracelet or modern buckle ) or Ceramic ( white sport band ) case
– Hermes ( natural leather double tour, natural leather single tour, stainless steel mesh with magnetic closure bracelet or leather loop with magnetic closure bracelet)

Check the size

The first way to identify your Apple Watch is by its size. The Watch comes in two sizes: 38 mm (1.5 inches) and 42 mm (1.7 inches). To find out which size you have, look at the back of your watch for the model number, then check the list below to identify which size it is.

-38 mm: Model numbers ending in “5” or “3”
-42 mm: Model numbers ending in “6” or “4”

If you have an older Apple Watch with a model number ending in “1” or “2,” it’s a 38 mm watch. If your model number ends in “3” or “4,” it’s a 42 mm watch.

Consider the band

There are three ways to identify your specific Apple Watch model. One is to look at the watch itself; another is to find the model number on the packaging; and lastly, you can check the settings app on your iPhone.

The most obvious way to identify your watch is to take a look at it. The first thing you’ll want to do is look at the band. If you have an aluminum Sport model, it will have a plastic band. The stainless steel and gold models will have a metal link bracelet or leather strap. And finally, the Edition models will have either a plastic or metal band with a designer logo.

Next, you’ll want to look at the color of the watch face. The aluminum Sport models come in silver or space gray. The stainless steel models come in both silver and space black. And the gold models come in 18-karat yellow or rose gold, or 18-karat white gold.

Finally, you can check the model number on the back of your watch case. The model number for all Apple Watch models starts with “A” followed by a four-digit number. For example, the stainless steel model with a leather loop strap has a model number of “A1554.”


The original Apple Watch was released in 2015, and the Apple Watch Series 1 was released in 2016. The Apple Watch Series 2 was released in 2016, followed by apple watch series 3 in 2017. The most recent release is the Apple Watch Series 4, which was released in 2018.

To find out which model you have, open the Settings app on your watch and tap “General.” Tap “About” and scroll down to “Model.”

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