How to Find Your Apple ID

If you forgot apple id you can find it by going to Apple’s website and clicking on the “Forgot your Apple ID?” link. You’ll need to enter your first and last name, as well as your email address, to find your account.

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Go to

If you forgot apple id you can look it up. Just enter the first and last name, email address, or phone number associated with apple id

Enter your phone number, email, or name

Once you enter your information, Apple will send a verification code to your device or email address. enter that code on the next screen, then tap Continue. If you can’t receive verification codes, you can reset your password another way.

Enter the code sent to you

If you didn’t get a verification code, you can try to reset your password again. If you’ve tried more than 8 times in a day, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before trying again.

After you enter apple id a verification code is sent to your primary email address. Enter the code and click Continue.

If you have multiple email addresses, choose the one that you want to use for this account.

Reset your password

If you forgot apple id password you can reset it from Apple’s website.

To reset your password, visit Apple’s website, click “Forgot apple id or password,” and enter your Apple ID. On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter the answer to your security question and then given the option to reset your password using either an email address or a recovery key.

Sign in with your new password

Enter your Apple ID and new password, then click Sign In. If you turned on two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, you’ll see a six-digit verification code appear on one of your other devices: Enter that code on your iPhone, iPad, ipod touch to complete sign in.

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