How to Delete an Apple ID

If you’re no longer using apple id you can delete it. This doesn’t delete the content that you purchased with that ID, such as music, movies, or apps.

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apple id is the account you use to access Apple services like the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage, the Apple Online Store, FaceTime, and more. If you want to delete apple id you can do so from your iPhone, iPad,ipod touch or Mac.

How to delete your Apple ID

Deleting apple id is a permanent process that cannot be reversed, so be absolutely sure that you want to delete your account before proceeding. Once you delete apple id you will no longer have access to any of the content that you purchased with that account, such as music, books, apps, or movies. You will also lose any ability to access iCloud, iTunes, or the App Store.

Deactivating your Apple ID

Deactivating your Apple ID essentially nukes your account from Apple’s servers. That’s a pretty serious thing to do, which is why it’s not as easy as deleting your account from the Settings menu — you have to contact Apple directly to get it done.

When you deactivate your Apple ID, you won’t be able to use it to sign in to any of your devices, make purchases in the App Store or iTunes Store, or access iCloud. Any data associated with your Apple ID will also be unavailable, including contacts, photos, calendars, and documents stored in iCloud Drive. You will also lose access to any subscriptions, like Apple Music or iCloud storage plans, that you have associated with your Apple ID.

Deleting your Apple ID

To delete your Apple ID, you must have at least two other accounts set up on your iPhone. If you don’t have another account, you’ll need to set one up before you can delete your Apple ID.

1. Tap Settings > iCloud.
2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.
3. Enter apple id password and tap Turn Off & Delete.


We hope this guide has helped you delete your Apple ID. Remember, once you delete your Apple ID, there is no going back, so be absolutely sure that you want to do this before taking any further action.

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