How to Delete a Workout on Apple Watch

If you need to delete a workout on apple watch for any reason, here’s how!

Checkout this video:

Open workout app

Open the Workout app.

Tap the History tab, then tap a workout.

Swipe left, then tap Delete. Or tap , then tap Delete Workout.

Force touch the display.

To delete a workout, first make sure that you’re in the Workouts app. Then, force touch the display. You should see a Delete option appear near the bottom of the screen. Tap it, then tap Delete Workout to confirm.

Tap the trash can icon.

To delete a workout, open the Workout app on apple watch then tap the History tab.

Tap the trash can icon next to the workout you want to delete, then tap Delete.

Tap Delete.

When you finish a workout, apple watch saves it in the Workout app. You can view and manage your workouts in the app, and you can even share them with other people.

If you want to delete a workout, you can do so right from the Workout app. Just follow these steps:

1. Open the Workout app on apple watch
2. Tap the workout that you want to delete.
3. Scroll down and tap Delete.
4. Tap Delete Workout to confirm.

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