How to Connect Your Apple Watch to Android Without an iPhone

If you’ve ever wondered how to connect apple watch to Android without using an iPhone, wonder no more! We’ll show you how to do it in just a few simple steps.

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It is possible to connect apple watch to an Android phone without using an iPhone, but it requires some workarounds. Here’s how to do it.

1. You’ll need to have an Android phone with a Bluetooth connection and the free Wear OS by Google app installed.

2. Install the xDrip+ app on your Android phone and follow the instructions to set it up as a dexcom continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

3. Once you have xDrip+ set up as your CGM, open the app and go to Settings > InterAPP Settings > AppleWatch Connectivity. Enable the “Receive glucose readings from xDrip+” setting.

4. Now open the Wear OS by Google app on your Android phone and sign in with the same Google account that you used to set up xDrip+. Tap on the ” + ” sign in the top right corner, then tap on “Add a new watch”. Choose “Customize your own watch” and then select “Download face APK”.

5. Download and install the just released Glance for Wear OS watch face APK from GitHub ( This will give you a watch face that shows your current glucose reading from xDrip+.

6. That’s it! You should now be able to see your current glucose reading on apple watch without having to use an iPhone.

What You Need

In order to connect your Apple Watch to an Android device, you’ll need a few things:

-an Apple Watch
-an Android device (phone or tablet) running Android 4.3 or higher
-a Wi-Fi network
-the Android Wear app for iOS

Once you have everything you need, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your Apple Watch is updated to the latest version of watchOS. You can do this by going to watch app on your iPhone, then tapping “My Watch” at the bottom of the screen followed by “General” and “Software Update.”
2. If you don’t already have it, download the Android Wear app for iOS from the App Store.
3. Launch the Android Wear app on your iPhone and tap “Start Pairing.”
4. On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app and tap “Bluetooth.” Turn Bluetooth on if it’s not already on. 5. Tap “Pair With iPhone” in the Bluetooth menu. A list of available devices will appear; select your Android device from the list. If prompted, enter a PIN code on your Apple Watch; this should be displayed on your Android device. 6. Once your devices are paired, you’ll see a confirmation message on both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. 7. Tap “Continue” on your iPhone, then follow the prompts to finish setting up your connection. 8. That’s it! You can now use your Apple Watch with your Android device without an iPhone nearby.

Step One: Set Up an Apple ID

If you don’t have apple id you’ll need to create one. An Apple ID is required to use iCloud, the App Store, iTunes, FaceTime, and other Apple services. To create an Apple ID:

1. Go to and click “Create your Apple ID.”
2. Enter your name, birthdate, email address, and password.
3. Select your country and enter your billing information.*
4. Click Continue and follow the instructions to verify your email address.
5. Once you see the “Your Apple ID is ready” page, click Continue.*
6. Review the Terms and Conditions and click Accept if you agree.*

*You won’t be able to complete setting up your Apple ID without providing this information.

Step Two: Download the Android Wear App

Now that you’ve prepared your Android phone, it’s time to get the Android Wear app. This is the app that will allow your Apple Watch to connect to your Android phone.

Unfortunately, the app is not available on the Apple App Store. You’ll need to sideload it onto your iPhone using another computer. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. We have a complete guide to sideloading apps onto your iPhone.

Once you have the Android Wear app downloaded, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to get started. You’ll need to pair your Apple Watch with your Android phone using Bluetooth.

Step Three: Set Up Your Watch

Assuming you’ve completed the first two steps, you’re now ready to set up your Apple Watch with your Android phone.

1. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
2. Tap the watch tab
3. Tap Set Up Apple Watch.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
5. Once the process is complete, you’ll see start Pairing button on your iPhone. Tap it, then hold your Apple Watch close to your iPhone and wait for a message that says “Apple Watch is paired.”
6. Tap Continue on your iPhone, then tap Pair on your AppleWatch when prompted.

Step Four: Start Using Your Watch

Now that you’ve got everything set up, you can start using your Apple Watch with your Android phone. To do so, simply open the Apple Watch app on your Android device and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to use all of the features of your Apple Watch, including making phone calls, sending text messages, and using apps.


If you want to use your Apple Watch with an Android device, you’ll need to connect it through a third-party application. There are a few different ways to do this, but we recommend using the Watch Droid app. With this app, you’ll be able to sync your watch with your Android phone or tablet, allowing you to receive notifications, control apps, and more.

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