How to Connect an Apple Mouse

Want to use an Apple mouse on your Windows 10 PC? Here’s how to connect an Apple mouse to your Windows 10 computer and get it working.

Checkout this video:

Open the Bluetooth settings on your computer

The first step is to open the Bluetooth settings on your computer. You find this in the “System Preferences” menu. Select “Bluetooth” and then click the “pair” button next to the Apple Mouse.

Once the mouse is paired, you should see it listed under “Devices.” If you don’t see it, make sure that your mouse is turned on and within range of your computer.

Put your Apple mouse in discovery mode

To connect your Apple mouse to your computer, put the mouse in discovery mode and then connect it using the Bluetooth menu.

Before you begin, make sure that your computer’s Bluetooth interface is turned on and that you have fresh batteries in your mouse.

1. Press and hold the button on the underside of the mouse for 5 seconds. The green LED on the bottom of the mouse will begin to blink, indicating that the mouse is in discovery mode.

2. On your computer, open System Preferences and click Bluetooth.

3. Select your Apple mouse from the list of devices and click Pair.

Select the Apple mouse in the list of devices

1. Check the batteries in the Apple mouse. If they need to be replaced, do so now.

2. Plug the Apple mouse into an available USB port on your computer. The mouse is automatically recognized by the system and should work without any further configuration.

Enter the passcode when prompted

If you’re using a new Apple mouse or trackpad, you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode on your Mac. Just follow the onscreen instructions.

Enjoy your new Apple mouse!

Assuming you have an Apple mouse (M5769), the process for connecting it to your Mac is relatively simple. If you have a Bluetooth-enabled Mac, the mouse will connect automatically as soon as you turn it on. If your Mac doesn’t have Bluetooth, you’ll need to connect the mouse using the supplied USB cable. Here’s how:

1. Connect the small end of the USB cable to the port on the back of the mouse.
2. Connect the other end of the cable to one of your Mac’s USB ports.
3. If you see a green LED on top of the mouse, it means that the mouse is connected and ready to use!

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