How to Charge Your New Apple AirTag

You’ve just got your new Apple AirTag and you’re excited to use it. But before you start using it, you need to charge it. Here’s a quick guide on how to do that.

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Find the AirTag

If you have an iPhone running iOS 14.5 or later, you find your AirTag by putting it in Lost Mode. This will activate a chirping sound that will help you locate your AirTag. If your AirTag is not in Lost Mode, you can put it in Lost Mode by following these steps:

Look for the white side

If you’re looking for your new AirTag, there’s a good chance it’s on the white side. The AirTag is designed to be placed on the underside of a AirPod case, so it’s often hidden from view. To find it, flip your AirPod case over and look for the small white circle.

Find the button on the AirTag

There is a small button on the AirTag that you will need to press in order to activate it. The button is located on the side of the AirTag, near the bottom. Once you press it, the AirTag will light up and emit a sound.

Place the AirTag on the Charger

Charging your new Apple AirTag is simple. Just place it on the charger and let it charge. The Apple AirTag will show a green light when it is done charging. If you see a red light, that means the AirTag is still charging.

Make sure the AirTag is placed in the center of the charger

Be sure to place your AirTag in the center of the charger, as shown in the image below. If it’s not placed in the center, charging will be slower.

Check led light on the charger

When you first place your AirTag on the charger, you’ll see a white LED light on the front of the charger. This means that your AirTag is charging.

Once your AirTag is fully charged, the LED light will turn green.

Wait for the AirTag to Charge

Your new AirTag has a built-in battery that will last for about a year with normal use. When you first get your AirTag, it may not be fully charged. But don’t worry, it’s easy to charge. Just put your AirTag on its charging case and wait for it to charge.

The LED light on the charger will turn green when the AirTag is done charging

The LED light on the charger will turn green when the AirTag is done charging. When you see green led light that means your AirTag is charged and ready to be placed back on your keychain.

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