How to Change Your Lock Screen on Apple Watch

Learn how to change your lock screen apple watch This guide will show you how to change your lock screen, and customize it to your liking.

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Open settings app on your iPhone.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap “Screen Time.” Tap “Change Screen Time Passcode.” Enter your current passcode. Tap “Turn Off Screen Time Passcode,” then enter your passcode again.

Tap “Wallpaper.”

If you want to change the way apple watch looks, you start by changing your lock screen. The lock screen is what you see when you raise your wrist to wake your watch. It shows the time and date, as well as any notifications that you have.

You can change the lock screen on apple watch by tapping “Settings,” then “Brightness & Wallpaper.” From there, tap “Wallpaper.” You’ll see a selection of built-in wallpapers, as well as any photos that you’ve added to your watch.

To select a new wallpaper, tap on the one that you want. If you want to use one of your own photos, tap “Photos,” then choose the album that you want to use. Once you’ve selected a photo, tap “Set.”

Your new lock screen will be applied immediately.

Tap “Choose a New Wallpaper.”

“Choose a New Wallpaper.” Once you’ve found the image you want to use, tap on it. Doing so will bring up a new menu with three options: “Set,” “Living Image,” and “Photos.” The “Set” option will set the image as your lock screen wallpaper, while the “Living Image” option will only set it as your lock screen wallpaper if apple watch supports the feature. The “Photos” option will allow you to choose an existing photo from your library or take a new one.

Select an image from your photo library or one of the built-apple watch wallpapers.

Tap the watch face to enter Edit mode, then tap the image you want to use. If you see Add Photo instead of an image, that means you haven’t yet added any photos to your Apple Watch. To do so, open the Photos app on your iPhone, select the photo(s) you want to add, tap Share, then tap Add to Apple Watch.

Tap “Set.”

Once you’ve chosen your preferred settings, tap “Set.” If you want to use Live Photo, you first need to turn it on in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Tap “Lock Screen.”

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch. Tap “Lock Screen.” Turn on the feature that you want to use.

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