How to Change the Clock Face on Your Apple Watch

Learn how to change the clock face on apple watch with these simple steps. You can choose from a variety of different faces to suit your style.

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Open the Settings app on apple watch

Open the Settings app on apple watch Scroll down, then tap Clock.

Tap the clock face that you want to use, then tap Set as current Clock Face.

Tap the watch tab

In the watch tab scroll down to Clock, then tap it.
Tap Change Watch Face.
Swipe left or right to choose a face, then tap it.
Tap to customize the face, then tap Apply.

Scroll down and tap Clock.

On your iPhone, open the watch app Tap the My Watch tab, then scroll down and tap Clock. You can see all the faces that you’ve already installed; to add new ones, tap Add.

From here, you can browse through Apple-designed faces or choose from a selection of third-party offerings. When you find one that you want to install, just tap it; on the next screen, tap Add to add it to your watch. Some faces may have additional Customization options that you can access by tapping Customize.

Tap the face that you want to use.

With so many apple watch faces to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your needs. And, if you ever get bored with a particular face, you can always change it. Here’s how!

To change the clock face on your Apple Watch:

1. Press the Digital Crown to open up the watch face gallery.
2. Tap the face that you want to use.
3. If needed, turn the Digital Crown or tap to customize the face’s complication(s). For example, you can add a pedometer or tempo readout to your Activity ring on the Modular face.
4. Tap “Add”.

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