How to Change Your Apple Watch Activity Goals

Trying to get in better shape? Here’s how to change your activity goals on apple watch and why might want to.

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If you’re not seeing the results you want from your activity tracking, or if you simply want to adjust your goals, it’s easy to do so on apple watch Here’s how!

Why You Should Change Your Goals

You may be wondering why you should change your goals. Well, there are a few good reasons:
-Your fitness level has changed.
-You’ve reached your goal and want to set a new one.
-You’re not reaching your goal and need to readjust it.

How to Change Your Goals

You might be feeling like you need to make a change to your goals. Maybe you’re not reaching your current ones, or you’re finding them too easy. Whatever the reason, it’s easy to adjust your goals to better reflect what you want to achieve. Here’s how.

Open the Activity app on your iPhone

Once you’ve decided to change your goals, it only takes a few taps on your iPhone.

1. Open the Activity app on your iPhone.
2. Tap the Awards tab, then tap Change Goals.
3. Tap one of the metrics at the top of the screen, then turn the Digital Crown to adjust your goal. As you turn the crown, you’ll see your progress toward your old goal and your new goal side-by-side.
4. When you’re done, tap Update in the top-right corner.

Tap the Awards tab

To change your goals, first open the Activity app. Tap the Awards tab, then tap Change Goals. If you don’t see the Awards tab, it means you haven’t earned any awards yet. To learn more, see What are awards?

You can change your daily calorie burn goal, your active minutes goal, or both.

To change your calorie burn goal:
1. Tap Active Calories, then tap Next.
2. Tap a number of calories, then tap Next.
3. When you’re finished, tap Update.

To change your active minutes goal:
1. Tap Active Minutes, then tap Next.
2. Tap a number of minutes, then tap Update.

Tap Change Goals

1. On your iPhone, open the watch app
2. Tap the watch tab then tap Activity.
3. Tap Change Goals, then tap your current calorie, exercise, or stand goal.
4. Drag the point to the new goal or enter a number in the box next to “Calories,” “Exercise,” or “Stand.” To make this your new default goal, tap Set as Default Goal.
5. Tap Update to save your changes.

Enter your new goal

If you’re not happy with the number of Activity Rings you’re closing each day, you can adjust your goals. Here’s how!

On your iPhone, open apple watch app. Tap the watch tab then tap Activity. Tap Change Goals, then enter a new number for each goal. When you’re finished, tap Update.


There you have it! Three simple steps that will help you change your activity goals on your Apple Watch. Keep in mind that these goals are meant to be attainable, so don’t hesitate to adjust them as needed. And finally, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments along the way!

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