How Tim Apple Made 95BMCGee a Financial Times Bestseller

Tim Apple is a huge success story. Here’s how he made his 95BMCGee a financial times bestseller.

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Tim Apple’s Writing Process

Tim Apple is a New York Times Bestselling author who has been writing since he was sixteen. In this article, we’re going to take a look at Tim Apple’s unique writing process that has helped him become one of the most successful authors of our time.

Tim’s writing routine

Tim Apple’s Writing Process – (How Tim Apple Made 95BMCGee a Financial Times Bestseller)

Heading: Tim’s writing routine


Tim Apple has a very strict writing routine that he follows religiously. He wakes up at 4:00 am every day and starts writing immediately. He doesn’t allow himself to take any breaks, not even for a cup of coffee. He writes until 8:00 am, at which point he takes a five-minute break to stretch his legs. Then it’s back to writing until noon. He takes another five-minute break for lunch, and then writes until 4:00 pm. At that point, he takes a final five-minute break and then writes until 8:00 pm. At that point, he stops writing for the day and goes to bed.

Tim’s writing tools

To write 95BMCGee, Tim Apple used the following tools:

– MacBook Pro
– Word for Mac
– Pages for Mac
– Keynote for Mac
– Evernote for Mac
– OmniFocus for Mac

In terms of hardware, that’s all Tim Apple needed to write his bestseller. But of course, software is just as important to the writing process. Here are the main applications Tim used:

– Word for Mac: This is Tim’s word processor of choice. He wrote the majority of 95BMCGee in Word, and he also uses it for general document creation and editing.
– Pages for Mac: While Tim mostly used Word for writing 95BMCGee, he did use Pages to layout the book’s chapters in a more visually appealing way. He also created some of the book’s graphics in Pages.
– Keynote for Mac: Tim used Keynote to create several of the book’s visuals, including charts, graphs, and infographics. He also used Keynote to put together the book’s promotional materials, such as the cover design and website.
– Evernote for Mac: Evernote was vital to Tim’s research process. He used it to collect and organize information from a variety of sources, including websites, books, articles, and interviews. Evernote was also helpful in keeping track of ideas and inspiration for the book.
– OmniFocus for Mac: OmniFocus is a task management app that helped Tim stay organized and on schedule while writing 95BMCGee. It allowed him to create tasks and milestones, set deadlines, and track progress over time.

Tim’s Editing Process

Tim Apple is a self-made man, and he’s also a great editor. He took my book, 95BMCGee, and made it into a financial times bestseller. Here’s how he did it.

Tim’s editing routine

Tim Apple is a successful writer and editor who has worked on numerous bestsellers, including 95BMCGee, a financial thriller that was a Financial Times bestseller.

Tim has a very specific editing routine that he follows for all of his projects. First, he reads the entire manuscript start to finish, making note of any errors or typos. He then goes through the manuscript again, this time making more detailed notes on what needs to be changed or improved.

Once he has a good understanding of what needs to be done, Tim begins the actual editing process. He makes all of the necessary changes and corrections, paying close attention to detail. When he’s finished, he reads through the manuscript one last time to make sure everything is perfect.

Thanks to Tim’s rigorous editing process, 95BMCGee was a huge success and became a financial bestseller. If you’re looking for an editor who can help make your book a success, Tim Apple is definitely the person you want to work with.

Tim’s editing tools

When it comes to editing his writing, Tim Apple uses a combination of two different tools. The first is the ‘tracked changes’ feature in Microsoft Word, which allows him to make edits and comments directly on the document itself. The second is the ‘notes’ function in his iWork suite, which he uses to make general notes and keep track of ideas.

Both of these tools are incredibly useful for Tim, as they allow him to keep all of his thoughts and comments in one place. This makes it much easier for him to go back and make changes or add new information later on.

Tim’s Publishing Process

Tim Apple is the author of 95BMCGee, a Financial Times Bestseller. Tim is a great example of how to make your book a bestseller. Tim’s process is simple: he completes a first draft, then he hires an editor, and finally he finds a publisher. This process is straightforward, and it has worked for Tim.

Tim’s publishing routine

After Tim Apple’s debut novel, 95BMCGee, became a financial Times bestseller, he shared his publishing routine with the world. Here’s how he does it:

1. Tim wakes up at 4am and writes for three hours.
2. He then works out for an hour and showers.
3. Tim spends the rest of his day doing various work tasks, such as marketing or promotions for his book.
4. He also finds time to read for an hour before going to bed at 10pm.

Tim’s publishing tools

Tim Apple has a few key tools that he uses to help him publish his books. First, he uses a Ghostwriter. This is someone who writes the book for him, based on his ideas and input. He also uses an editor, who helps him to fine-tune the book and make sure it’s ready for publication. Finally, he has a team of beta readers, who read the book before it’s published and provide feedback.

Tim’s Marketing Process

Tim Apple is the author of 95BMCGee, a financial thriller that has become a bestseller. Tim’s novel is about a young stockbroker who becomes caught up in a web of deceit and corruption.

Tim’s marketing routine

Tim Apple is the author of 95BMCGee, a Financial Times Bestseller. In this book, Tim reveals his marketing routine that helped him sell over 20 million copies of his book.

1. Get up early and start your day with a cup of coffee.
2. Make a list of your targets for the day.
3. Set aside time for social media outreach.
4. Follow up with your audience regularly.
5. Give away freebies to increase interest in your brand.
6. Collaborate with other businesses in your industry.
7. Stay up to date with industry news and trends.

Tim’s marketing tools

With the release of his new book, “95BMCGee: The Untold Story of Tim Apple,” Tim has been making the rounds on the talk show circuit. In each interview, he highlights a different marketing tool that he used to help make his book a financial success.

Tim’s marketing tools include:

1. A great cover design
2. An attention-grabbing title media buzz
4. Traditional media coverage
5.Word-of-mouth marketing

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