How Long Do Apple Trees Take to Grow?

How long does it take for apple tree to grow? The answer may surprise you!

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Apple trees (Malus pumila) take four to five years to grow from a young plant in a 5-gallon container to a mature tree bearing fruit, according to Clemson University. During the first year, the tree grows roots and produces leaves but no apples. In the second year, Apple trees will bloom and form apples but these won’t be ripe for eating until the third year.

How long do apple trees take to grow?

The time it takes for an apple tree to grow varies depending on the type of apple tree, the climate, and whether it is being grown from a seed, cutting, or graft. Most apple trees will take around five to eight years reach full maturity Some apple trees can take as long as fifteen years to reach full maturity.

How long does it take for an apple tree to mature?

It generally takes about four to eight years for an apple tree to fully mature and begin producing fruit. However, there are some dwarf varieties of apple trees that can bear fruit in as little as three years, and some semi-dwarf varieties that can bear fruit in four or five years.

How long does it take for an apple tree to produce fruit?

An apple tree will usually begin bearing fruit three to four years after planting. A younger tree will produce a smaller crop than an older tree. Once an apple tree matures, it will produce 10-20 bushels of apples per year.


Apple trees typically take between four and eight years to produce their first fruit. However, some varieties may take up to 15 years before start bearing fruit.

The length of time it takes for an apple tree to mature produce fruit depends on several factors, including the type of apple tree, the growing conditions, and the level of care it receives. In general, apple trees grown in favorable conditions will mature faster than those grown in less ideal conditions.

Some apple varieties are also known to mature faster than others. For example, the Fuji apple tree is one of the fastest-growing types, whereas the Granny Smith apple tree is one of the slower-growing varieties.

If you want your apple tree to bear fruit as soon as possible, you should choose a fast-maturing variety and provide it with optimal growing conditions. With proper care, your apple tree should start bearing fruit within four to eight years.

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